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We are looking forward to hearing from you:
Office Vienna
Hebbelplatz 5,
1100 Vienna, Austria
Office Innsbruck
Olympiastraße 17 / 1. Stock
6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Office Graz
St. Peter Gürtel 8, Top 2
8042 Graz, Austria
Office Obertshausen
Friedensstraße 20,
63179 Obertshausen, Germany

Our approach Collaboration
from start to finish

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Initial contact

From our first meeting to the end of the project, trust between you, as the client, and us is what's most important. And this trust is based on collaboration as partners. It all begins at the first meeting, where we come to a shared understanding of your objective and answer as many questions as possible.
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Project launch

We're big fans of Scrum. That means that we begin our first sprint as soon as the project is launched. Our team of developers and testers immediately begins working on requirements from the backlog. We don't believe in intermediate layers.
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We deliver finished features to you every two to three weeks. We work our way forward step by step until we have a stable full application that's ready to use.
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It generally takes a few months until we launch a full application and a new era begins for our clients.
It's a major milestone!
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Lasting collaboration

After launch, we discuss your experience and integrate your feedback. If you have new requests, we implement them. If market conditions change, we adapt the functions. We make sure that aax2 can grow together with your business.

Scrum is our credo.

Scrum is the project management tool that we use every day. It helps us makes sure we have everything under control, regardless of the size of the project, and keeps us efficient and close to our clients.
For us, Scrum means splitting the workload into small packages and focusing on each package as a sprint. For you, Scrum means that we are constantly fine tuning things, involving you and incorporating your feedback.
The advantages of Scrum
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Easy to understand
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Communication is uncomplicated
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Highly effective thanks to self-organisation
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Highly transparent thanks to regular meetings and backlogs
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Feedback is incorporated promptly
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Continuous improvement process
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Problems are identified quickly
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Little administrative and documentation work
Do you have questions?
We have the answers.